A Shopping Marathon in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is almost second nature to tourists visiting the city, yet the consumer indulgence definitely climaxes during the Great Singapore Sale that is held annually, usually during the summer months. Singapore’s famous shopping malls and department stores and effervescent shopping districts participate with much gusto, they will extend their shopping hours till midnight and beyond on selected weekends. During this period, special privileges will be available that are created for tourists to enjoy the range of exclusive lifestyle promotions, including gourmet dining, wellness experience, nightlife & entertainment options.

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The Difference Between Clothes and Fashion

As a personal stylist I spend many hours reviewing wardrobes. Given the fact that we only wear a shocking 20% of what we buy, frankly most of my clients waste money. The buzz of buying translates into the unworn, there is nothing remotely glamorous about this. I have improved since I learned the difference between “clothes” and “fashion” and now wear most of my wardrobe until it wears out.

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5 Tips to Look Beautiful in Bollywood and Bridal Sarees

When we say ‘Bollywood’ what comes to your mind? Undeniably the bold colors, the extravagance and glamor in harmonious outbursts, glitter, vermilion and everything that pleases the eye. Bollywood, as an integral part of young India, is as true to its glorious culture and heritage as the nation itself. When the whole world wants to pursue the west in fashion, cuisine and machine, Bollywood has made its own remarkable identity by enhancing its uniqueness and not just embracing the mad pursuit of Hollywood but fusing them with modern art.

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